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CRM analysis and customer value management

Do you need to devise the right communication strategy? To properly plan a campaign, assess its impacts, or set up regular reporting on the customer data? Do you want to control customer value and on that basis to further plan communication with the customer?

We have extensive experience in the field of

  • campaign targeting
  • adapting a communication strategy for direct marketing
  • contact policy management
  • direct marketing campaign evaluation

In order to make decisions about customer relationship management, we can set up customer data reporting concerning customer

  • basis structure.
  • movements (acquisitions vs. churn)
  • transactions (acquisitions, clearance sale, up-sell, down-sell…)

We know how to calculate and control customer value which allows us to considerably increase the efficiency of your campaigns. Effective customer value management will enable you to better exploit communication channels and easily calculate in advance the impact of planned marketing activities.